What to Do If Assailant Grabs Your Hair | Self-Defense

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How to escape from a situation when someone is grabbing or pulling your hair.

I have here Mariposa, and have basically two ways I can pull, if I put my hand on top of her head and I pull toward myself, or if I pull her to the side. This is the second way.

It doesn’t matter what scenario. If she does that, the first reaction should be, please, grab my hair.

It would be just put my hand on top of her. That’s it. That’s the first thing. Why? If she tries to pull me, now I’m safe.

The problem when you don’t do that is that pulling the hair, when you don’t do that, I can pull her hair. I can move her hand. But when I pull that, I cannot pull the hair. I will move her head, but not the hair.

That is the first thing we need to remember. She tried to pull my hair, boom, immediately I try to put my hand on top.

After that, I’m going to punch her arm. Three fingers when she flexes her arm. I’m going to see three fingers on the inside. This little spot, a very sweet spot to hit. When she grabs me, I’m going to hit her.

At the same time, I’m going to knee her. Boom. Again, she grabs me, boom, boom, this is one, two. Again, one, two. Again. One, two.

It works the same way when I move to the side. In this case, I’m going to be the attacker. I’m going to do, very slowly, the same thing. Try to pull her, but she is going to put her hand on top of mine. That’s the most important thing. Again, if I try to pull, she still has control of that.

Then, right away she’s going to punch this spot. She can punch this way, I’m going to put it on this side so you can see the punch too, punch exactly this way or you can use your knuckles, very safe. Exactly that point, where again, this is the line of deflexion. Three fingers up. The fourth would be this spot.

Do it again. Boom. Nice. Do it again. Boom. Nice. If I’m grabbing her side, the same concept.

After that, knee, boom, to the groin. Again, boom, nice. One more time, boom, nice.

That’s how you escape safely from a self-defense position when someone is trying to pull your hair.

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