Walmart New Food Shortages More Food Shortages

Walmart New Food Shortages More Food Shortages 2020 Less food is available on the grocery store shelves, food choices are reduced. Honey Prepping food shortages Inexpensive basic foods are becoming less available. price groceries food Alaska Turkey shortages The pandemic has doubled the number of people who are acutely food insecure. Research shows hunger going up, poverty going up, unemployment going up, incomes going down, and prices going up. Lots of people are struggling with food shortages. The covid 19 coronavirus pandemic and lockdowns has resulted in 500 million jobs lost world-wide, possibly leading to a global financial crisis. Some major meat processing plants have been forced to close, some farmers had to bulldoze or plow under their crops. We find less food on the shelves in grocery stores, like this Walmart in Alaska.
It’s vital to stock up on basic survival foods, prepping for long term food storage. Power outages, hurricanes, winter storm, or economic downturn, sickness, covid 19, coronavirus pandemic second wave now called syndemic, there are many emergencies to prepare for by storing basic foods. Start with the top survival foods to build a stockpile of long term food. You will have enough food on hand for everyday emergencies as well as a long term food supply. Prepare for rising food prices, coming food crisis and shortages. Food prices are increasing, we need to take food shortages seriously. What are the food crisis causes? Why prepare with a food stockpile? Emergencies are real, it’s sensible to stock up on extra food now.



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