The best type of survival garden

This is what I believe to be the best type of survival garden. Grow like nature does! Permaculture is the way to go! Nature knows best, it grows without help from farmers. This garden is LOW maintenance once you get it going. Makes it hard for the untrained eye to spot from far off or in a plane(as the tall trees will blend in and look like a wooded area) Start your survival garden today! This garden will look like a large circle from above with many smaller circles in the center of each larger one. Here is how to start

-Plant your large growing trees like nut or fruit trees in the middle as your first circle. This will be your smallest (inner) circle.
-Next, plant your vine and bush layer in a larger circle around those trees.
-The next larger circle on the outside of the vine bush layer should be your herb layer. This can be medicinal and cooking/culinary herbs. Rosemary, thyme, Echinacea, Valerian, etc
-The last and finally the LARGEST circle on the outside of all the others is your ground cover. This fine tunes everything and brings it altogether to look nature and not separated. Here are a few things you could plant. Grasses, red or dutch clover, dandelions, purple dead nettle, wild strawberry, chives(as they like grassy area) etc

I hope this video helps you…Now more people will know how to safe guard their survival garden by making it look like the rest of the woods. However, now more people will know (double edge sword there huh? LOL)

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