SHTF Prepper Garden: Keeping Your Faith During This Pandemic

Just reminded about how a lot of things are going bad in the world but a lot of things are still going right there’s

Still, birds out the skies are still blue. You still have look forward to and so I just kind of want to send a message of positivity to everyone out there. Who might be watching worriedly about you know their food security things that. They you know are worried about in terms.

This point is not the coronavirus you should be scared of it’s the fallout. The economic fallout and you know the crisis of what’s happening.

It’s a tough situation to get your head around and my advice is to just try and keep on trucking keep doing things. If you’re watching this channel. You’re obviously into preparedness, and you know. This is what we prep for this is what we are you know trying to improve our lives for It’s for a moment like this.

so I would say you know to stay the course. if you’re concerned if you think that you don’t have enough there’s always abundance and you know. God has a plan for us and the key here. I think is to just have faith and believe in god.

If You are religious or you have studied religion. You know that Passover is coming soon for people of Jewish faith.

I feel like it’s just the distraction and so I’ve started to have to follow politics and what’s going on and you know. I just see that a lot of people are going to be upset with our politicians they’re going to be I think to protest. I think there’s going to be a call for more action and since. We’re not at that point yet.

Where we can say we’ve beat this COVID virus. I think It’s going to be a lot of turmoil. Economically there’s just no avoiding it at this point.

I hope this video will be very helpful in keeping your faith during this pandemic time.
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