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If you are ever faced with multiple attackers on the streets, you need to stay calm. The great thing about these scenarios is that having guys verbally push you and intimidate you prepares you for what you will face if ever you do come across this type of situation in real life.

If you grow accustomed to these types of scenarios, then you will most likely not freeze and panic if ever you are caught in this type of situation on the streets.

If you’re ever put in this position, with multiple guys coming at you being all aggressive and stuff, you really need to stay calm. You need to be in the present moment to be aware of everything that is going around you. You cannot afford to freeze up and just go blank. It can cost you your life.

Also, you shouldn’t focus on negative thoughts, for example, that they are going to hurt you, that you’re going to die, and panic over what might happen to you. Instead, you need to be clear and focused if you want to get out of this situation alive.

You need to keep your attackers talking as much as possible to diffuse the situation and take their minds off the attack and make them focus more on the communication aspect. Instead of going blank, focus more on what their body language is saying, their stances, how they are moving, etc. so that you can position yourself and eventually find an opening to strike or get out of the threat.

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