Prepping for Beginners guide

This video was pulled for inappropriate content a few days ago, it was originally put out in July 2019, so I edited it and I am reposting it. With everything going on with the virus, this is a good set of things that will apply to a bug in or similar situation.
Here we discuss many aspects of being prepared. It gives good tips and discussion for prepping for any event, even though the original intent was focused on grid down events.
So even though, the first title sequence talks about grid down, this can be applied to the many events people will be faced with now.
Original Description:
This video discusses the steps that can be taken to prepare for a grid down event. This is number 4 in the Grid Down Series. The other videos focused on the events that will occur, the skills necessary and what we could encounter. This video is focused on the steps we can take now to prepare as much as we can ahead of the event.
There are always more steps we could take, more training and more gear. But this is geared towards someone who is not prepared at all, and those who are already preparing, these may be just a review. Hopefully there is something here that everyone can use.
The next two videos will go much more in depth on the mental aspects and the physical tolls survival will take, along with the dangers of life in an apocalyptic event.
Survival Skills:

Self defense and defense tactics:

Building Medical Kits:

Bug Out Bags:

Surviving in the wilderness:

Securing you Location:

The goal is to have a library , once it is complete.

For more on Nuclear Explosions, Including how to Survive in the aftermath check out the following videos:
Nuclear War:

Nuclear Effects:

Survival Gear for Nuclear Events:

Thanks for watching. Take what you can and leave the rest.
Thanks, Serious Survivor.

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Video produced using Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects & Photoshop. Also all cameraq footage was taken with Nikon B500, Cannon EOS Rebel T3i, DJI Osmo, Zhiyun SMOOTH 4+ and iPhone 8+. Audio Effects created from Adobe Audition & After Effects, and audio equipment used was Samson Microphones, Neewer Microphone & Maxx Digital Sound Recorder.
All footage used shot by Serious Survivor from South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama and North Carolina. Stock Footage and pictures from Videoblocks, Storyblocks, Adobe Stock, Bigstock and US Archives. Sound and Audio Stock from YouTube stock, Sound Stripe, Epidemic Sound and Audioblocks. All other footage, picture and audio used under Fair Rights Act & Laws.

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