Prepper Tip: Buy Stuff You’ll Actually Use! (A Lesson From

2020 has seen an explosion of new gun owners and preppers. With lockdowns from the coronavirus, riots, shortages and political unrest many people have begun to prepare for what may happen after the election. Often times people want to focus on the cool preps like guns, tactical gear and outdoor survival tools. While these all have their places among your preps the most important items to stock are the things you use daily.

Items like soap, deodorant and vitamins will have a lot more usefulness compared to a tactical vest or some fancy survival knife. Basic first aid items will see more use than tactical medical gear. For the average person, daily living items will go a lot further and have more application than the more specialized items.

This of course does not mean you should limit yourself only to common household items. Firearms and survival equipment certainly have their uses. But if we’re prioritizing and trying to stay on a budget it makes more sense to buy items that you frequently use. Take a look around your house and identify items that you use daily or weekly. These are the things that you should keep stocked up in the house. Once you have them you can branch out into the more specialized items. #Prepping #SHTF #EmergencyPreparedness

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