Pepper Spray UK Legal – Farb Gel Criminal Identifier Spray – Self Defense Spray

Pepper Spray – UK Legal Self Defence Spray – non lethal criminal identifier Self Defense Gel.
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TIW Farb Gel Self Defence and UK Legal Criminal Identifier Spray

This is not Noxious Pepper Spray or Mace Spray – But a UK legal self defence alternative – it’s not a weapon and contains no noxious gas like the sprays freely sold and used in the USA.

You cannot just attack someone with this, it will not work – it must be used as a surprise defence against a POTENTIAL attacker.

Situation awareness and an awareness of your surrounding and the people around you will give you an advantage in any attack situation.
Carrying this spray and using it correctly at the right time will give you those precious seconds to make an escape away from the danger.
It will blur an attackers vision and sticks to the skin when sprayed at the face.

This UK Legal Self Defence Spray is the Farb Gel Spray Criminal Identifier and can be carried by men, women or children.
The pepper gel is a sticky red spray gel that, when used as a defence spray gives you precious seconds to make an escape.

It is a UK Legal Self Defence Spray that does not contain noxious gas and will not completely incapacitate an attacker –

This compact spray gel is an aid to personal protection and personal safety and, although non lethal will help with personal defense acting as the perfect criminal identifier.

Again I reiterate – it is not an illegal mace or pepper spray, but a fully UK legal self defence spray designed for non lethal use against a POTENTIAL attack situation.

As preppers the spray is ideal in your EDC or even clipped to your belt as every day carry against an attacker.

Other uses include having the farb gel defense spray as part of your kit if you go backpacking, hiking, wild camping or stealth camping – during any of these activities you could easily encounter a potential attacker, making this UK legal defence spray well worth carrying with you.

More information at:

This is a legal identifier spray for use in the UK as self defence deterrent and an ideal alternative as a UK legal pepper spray alternative for everyone.

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