Pepper Spray For Self Defense | Tactical Rifleman

Special Thanks to Addie, a friend of our TR family, for volunteering to spray Imri.

An even BIGGER “THANKS” to Imri, for taking this spray so all of you at home can see this.

I have a few “take away” bits of wisdom that I want all of you to take away from this video:

1. Note how quickly Imri closed the distance on Addie. She already had her finger on the trigger (safety off); she sprayed him solidly in the face, and he STILL reached her. If he wanted her purse, he got it. If he wanted to stab her, he stabbed her. If he wanted to pick her up and toss her in the waiting van, she got tossed in the van. Pepper Spray sucks to be sprayed with, but it is not immediately incapacitating like the Taser is.

2. Note how Imri was able to shoot accurately after being sprayed. If you are ever sprayed by pepper spray by someone with criminal or malicious intent, you fight through and you beat that ass. It will feel like the surface of the sun in your eyes. However, the temperature is actually room temperature. You CAN fight through it. You have to reach down deep inside and get mad at the pain. Scream like Imri if it will help you get there. You fight because you and YOUR FAMILY will depend on it.

3. Note how limp the stream was, when Imri sprayed it at the steel target. You get what you pay for. Better Pepper Spray Launchers (like the Kimber) cost more money, but are worth it. Whichever version you buy, like Imri said, BUY TWO of them so you can practice.

4. Note how the aftermath even made me gag and cough. The mist got all over me. You’ll see me deliberately NOT touching my eyes, for fear of making it worse. For my law enforcement guys out there; understand that if you hose a guy down with this stuff; before you toss him in the back of your cruiser, ensure that you have turned the Air Conditioning & fan off on the dash. Best bet: put him in your buddy’s car.

These videos are fun to watch, but I still want you to take the teaching points away also. Knowledge is power. Knowledge can be your best Weapon. Strength & Honor, TR.

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