Off Grid Living Tour [ Survival Garden, Root Cellar, Chicken Coop ]

In this episode, Dorothy gives us an example of off grid living. She begins by giving us a tour of her survival garden where she grows many vegetables to help sustain her family in case SHTF.

Survival garden
Root cellar
Chicken coop
Treehouse tour
Old cabin drone tour
Quad trail tour

Next she briefly gives us an overview of her large garage and extra room that could be used as a man cave or she-shed. It’s simply an extra room that is detached from the main home.

The next part is a fantastic root cellar tour from Dorothy that is on her property. The root cellar is cleverly disguised and would be difficult for any potential intruders to find.

We also get a tour of the road that was put in by Marty when Dorothy was on the TV show “Homestead Rescue”.

Then we get a brief tour of the scrapyard which has some useful items, like a water tank, but it’s mostly just junk.

Next, Dorothy travels down to Sagebrush Feed and Seed where she gives us a tour of the classic old town store.

Across the street from Sagebrush Feed and Seed is a fantastic chicken coop that also has some attached storage. Dorothy gives us a complete tour of the chicken coop which is currently empty.

Next we get a complete tour of the smokehouse. It is a wooden shed that has a large smoker with ventilation and a couple of chairs for relaxing while smoking all of the delicious meats.

Dorothy next gives us a complete tour of the treehouse that is on her off grid living property. The treehouse is complete with a door, windows and a balcony.

Next stop on the off grid living tour is the duck pond. Unfortunately, this duck pond is in progress and is not occupied by any ducks. There is a nice little duck house right next to the pond.

After a brief tour of the outhouse and sledding luge, Dorothy takes us to the cabin next. This rustic cabin is over 100 years old and Dorothy gives us a brief history lesson about the cabin.

This video is repurposed from Dorothy’s Hobby Farm
If you like this video, be sure to follow her journey at:

Build a Chicken Coop:
Hidden Survival Farm:
Easy Cellar:

00:00 – 00:59 Introduction
00:59 – 02:53 Survival garden
02:53 – 03:56 Garage and man cave
03:56 – 05:51 Root cellar
05:51 – 07:23 Rainy Switchback Road
07:23 – 07:56 Scrapyard
07:56 – 09:43 Sagebrush Feed and Seed
09:43 – 13:31 Chicken coop
13:31 – 16:01 Smokehouse
16:01 – 18:04 Treehouse
18:04 – 23:46 Duck pond and duck house
23:46 24:32 Outhouse
24:32 – 25:07 Sledding luge
25:07 – 29:05 Cabin
29:05 – 30:38 Old cabin drone tour
30:38 – Quad trail tour

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