Oddisee: The Survivalist

Amir Mohamed el Khalifa — the acclaimed rapper and producer better known as Oddisee — came to Durham in October 2018 for a weeklong residency as part of Duke Performances’ Hip-Hop Initiative.

Oddisee’s visit coincided with Duke Performances’ ongoing ‘Building Bridges: Muslims in America’ series, a three-year project that seeks to foster understanding, respect, and dialogue around Muslim art and culture.

In addition to two daylong engagements with Durham high school students, Oddisee visited Duke classes in the departments of African and African American Studies and Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, and took part in a free public conversation at The Pinhook in downtown Durham. Backed by a sensational live band, he then brought his perspective as a Sudanese-American Muslim artist to bear in a culminating performance at Motorco Music Hall.

Video Production: http://kidethnic.com

Directed by Saleem Reshamwala

Edited by Mandy Padgett & Saleem Reshamwala

Camera: Ismail Abdelkhalek & Saleem Reshamwala and John Laww

More info: http://www.dukeperformances.org

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Oddisee is presented as part of Duke Performances’ ‘Building Bridges’ Initiative, funded, in part, by the Doris Duke Foundation for Islamic Art & the National Endowment for the Arts, & co-sponsored by the Duke Islamic Studies Center & the Duke University Middle East Studies Center.

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