My Prepper Pantry Food Storage Options and Solutions

In My Prepper Pantry Food Storage Options and Solutions I show you how I am managing the food stuffs I’m storing up for winter. I’ve got long term food storage options and some for short term food storage. I also show you how to get creative finding places to store food. This prepping for beginners video is part of the Prepping with Denise series. Check out the Prepping with Denise playlist at this link:

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Wanna dig deeper into pantry organization? Check out Organized by Darci at this link:

Wanna know more about the foods to store in your pantry? Check out Mary’s Nest at this link:

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Check out the Prepping with Denise playlist at this link:

About this video: In My Prepper Pantry Food Storage Options and Solutions, Denise Jordan of This and That with Denise Jordan share the latest update in the My Prepper Pantry Prepping with Denise series. In this episode, she shares the Food Storage Options and Solutions she’s come up with for her home, hoping to inspire you to get started on your prepping journey because after all, winter is coming. Prepping with Denise was created to motivate and inspire those new to the idea of creating a prepper pantry or extended pantry option. The video content includes how to store food for long term purposes, food storage options, how to build a three month food supply. There’s talk about tough times ahead so as Denise Jordan prepares for the second wave, she’s engaging in emergency preparedness by building a three month prepper pantry for an emergency food supply.

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