Mage Starter Guide

The final trio of my Survival Starter Guides is here. Apologies for how long this one took to come out but there was a lot of trial and error involved in this in order to find out what actually works on Legendary Difficulty Survival Mode.

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Make sure to check out SteelTownErick for an in depth playthrough of Skyrim Survival Mode:

A few of the potion recipes for anyone who wants them:

Garlic + Salmon Roe + Nordic Barnacle

Blue Mountain Flower + Chicken Egg + Lavender

Purple Mountain Flower + Thistle Branch + Troll Fat

Bear Claws + Hanging Moss + Purple Mountain Flower

Blue Butterfly Wing + Elves Ear + Spider Egg

Fly Amanita + More Tapinella + Snowberries

If you’re looking to use the Atronach Forge to make yourself staves or spell books then it’s probably worth taking a look at the wiki page for all the various recipes:


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