LDS Prepper: “Let’s Talk” Webinar Part 4

We addressed a lot of questions in this last segment of the webinar. Thank you everyone who sent in questions. There are many more that were sent in. If you would like me to produce a video answering those please post that comment below the video in the comment section.
1. Why is Mittleider gardening method the best?
2. How to protect solar panels during civil unrest?
3. How to prepare for any disaster?
4. What is the best portable solar power for bugging in or bugging out?
5. How to know what is going on and what to do?
6. What to do for home and property security and surveillance.
7. Greenhouse performance, plans, changes?
8. How is the performance of your solar panel system?
9. How do you maximize your Google Sniper business?
10. What fertilizer do you use? (It doesn’t make any difference. I explain why.)
11. Recommendations for natural medicine and training?
12. Do raised, tabletop gardens work?
13. How to make a living from a homestead?
14. What is a better siphon for 55 gallon water barrels?
15. Does the geo-air greenhouse work in hot areas like Arizona?
16. Are you using organic fertilizer?
17. What are the top priorities when homesteading?
18. I’m very poor and just starting to prepare. What can I do that is very cheap?
19. Where is the best place to buy food storage?
20. What do you recommend for medical preparations?
21. Different soil mixes other than sawdust and sand?


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