Is Walmart Prepping For Post Election Food Shortages Pandemic Surge

Is Walmart Prepping For Food Shortages Pandemic Surge Second Wave Thousand Lakes Fruits Veggies Are grocery stores stockpiling food and holding food back for food shortages, post election chaos? Do grocery stores have pandemic pallets of food, expecting a food shortage from post election violence, protests, riots, covid 19 coronavirus pandemic surges and second waves? Look at the rows of conex shipping containers stacked behind Walmart in Anchorage, Alaska. Why are store shelves bare, short on food and varieties of supplies we want and need? Is Walmart stockpiling food, rationing and limiting purchases, expecting shortages and hoarding? Is Walmart expecting supply chain interruptions, rising food prices, food insecurity, pandemic winter? As preppers, make Long Term Food Storage shopping plans, have strategies to buy and have the food you need. If the covid 19 coronavirus pandemic surges into a second wave, forcing public lockdowns, be a prepper and have the food and supplies you need. Americans think another COVID-19 lockdown is extremely likely, we’re headed for another shutdown, election chaos is certain. What should you be doing for long term food storage, short term food storage, and shopping to fill your pantry with a food stockpile.
What are the biggest mistakes preppers make with long term food storage?
What foods should you buy? How much food should you store and stockpile?
How long does food last? How do I know if I have enough food?
What are long term and short term foods for food storage stockpile?
Prepping for SHTF Food Challenges Quarantines, testing, Vaccines, food shortages, highest unemployment rate, social distancing, protests, riots, chaos, looting, distrust of police, what else can go wrong? What are you planning for? What are you missing in your stockpile? What do you have, what do you need more of? How to plan for the situation we are facing? What to stockpile now?



Thousand Lakes Fruits Veggies
Canned Bread
Washable PPE Filtered Mask
FoodSaver Mason Jar attachments
Food Storage Black Beans
Swing Away Can Opener
30 Day Food Bucket
Augason Farms Rice
Augason Farms Beans
Mountain House chicken rice
Pinto Beans
Toilet Paper
Bucket Lid wrench opener

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