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Today, we’re going to look at how to use a tactical flashlight. We’re going to give you some very useful self defense tips that you can use if ever in need of protecting yourself.

Large tactical flashlights are quite effective for self-defense purposes because of the brightness of the light projected into the eyes of the attacker.

That move, will temporarily blind your attacker so that you can make your strikes to terminate the threat.

If you feel in danger, you can use the tactical flashlight to blind your attacker and then immediately strike him with the tip of the flashlight. You can hold it in various ways to hit your attacker effectively.

Your other hand (the hand without the tactical flashlight) should be raised-up to protect your facial area and center-line against getting punched in the face.

You can also use your other hand to strike your attacker with eye jabs, elbows and other devastating strikes that we teach in our Code Red Defense system.

If the fight comes to a close quarter combat situation, you can use the tip of the tactical flashlight to apply pressure points into your opponent.

All of this is done for self-defense purposes!

If you want to learn all about effective self defense techniques, visit our website Code Red Defense:

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