How to Survive a Choke – Self-Defense Tips

If you want to survive a choke, don’t just learn techniques… learn these tricks! Then sign up for my 7-DAY MARTIAL ARTS CHALLENGE!

So, what are the tricks?

Trick #1: Smile. Not a cocky smirk. Instead, smile like a supervillain. You’re going to drop your chin naturally anyways, but adding a smile makes it even better.

The goal is to create a little extra space to protect your carotids and trachea. Now, am I saying that my neck muscles are ever going to be stronger than the bad guy’s arm muscles? No. But if smiling can buy me an extra one or two seconds, then I’m going face death with a smile.

Try it! Put your fingers on your neck and feel how different facial expressions either strengthen or weaken your neck. Find a face that helps you puff up and strengthen your neck.

Once you find your “choke face”, practice it. Try 20 reps. Go for a burn just like you would with push-ups, or squats, or any other exercise.

Trick #2: Bulge your neck beneath your chin like a bullfrog by pressing your tongue into the roof of your mouth. Just like the smile, experiment to figure out exactly where you press with your tongue to get the biggest bullfrog effect.

Once you find your sweet spot, add the bullfrog to your choke face. Together, these moves will help you claim back some of this space the bad guy needs to choke you out.

Trick #3: Relax. If the bad guy thinks his choke is working, he’s going to keep squeezing. But if he doubts his choke, if he’s losing confidence in its effectiveness, he’s going to think about letting it go and moving on to something else.

So, when you get choked, don’t kick and thrash in a blind panic. Instead, play it cool, protect your neck, and do what you can to start working your escapes and your counters.

Remember—if the choke is off by even a little bit, then you’re not going to pass out. So, if you can’t get out, stonewall, save your energy, and be ready to explode the second he gives up.

One more tip! When you’re getting choked, you might hear you lips start to “motorboat”. You might also hear yourself making snoring noises. Both sounds will definitely boost your attacker’s confidence, so as much as you can, control the signals that you’re sending out.

Those are your tricks and tips to survive a choke!

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Keep fighting for a happy life! 🙂


WARNING: The advice and movements shown in this video are for informational and educational purposes only. Consult a doctor or a qualified self-defense instructor before engaging in any exercise or martial arts program.

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