How to Start Prepping

How to Start Prepping:
Do you want to start prepping but don’t know where to start and you don’t have a lot of money?
In this video that’s geared towards Prepping for Beginners / Prepping 101, I give pointers on a Beginner Prepper’s Checklist and exactly where and how to start. I talk about the items that are most needed first, where to purchase many of them; and also how to build up your preps especially if you’re on a limited budget.

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USCCA (the US Concealed Carry Association: insurance for the self-defender)
If you’re a self-defender, whether you have to hit shoot someone or use a knife or pepper spray to protect yourself: belonging to a Legal Defense Fund like the USCCA is a must.
Should you have to protect yourself: the USCCA can pay your bond, provide you with an experienced attorney to fight for you in both criminal and civil court, and also pay for the attorney.
Click here to check out how the USCCA can supply you with an attorney to help keep you out of jail should you have to defend yourself:

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Videos or websites mentioned in the video:
Water for SHTF A Poor Man’s Rain Catchment”

Berkey Water Purifier:

Website: How to Make the “Poor Man’s Berkey”:

To purchase the Berkey filters (elements separately):

The Sawyer water filter:

How to sprout wheat berries for emergency food:

eBay listing to purchase Mylar bags:×16-600CC-Oxygen-Absorbers-/171156750707?hash=item27d9bcc173:g:7wUAAOSw0e9Uy7XB

Amazon listing to purchase Oxygen Absorbers 300cc:

Link to the LDS website for buying food from them:

“How Much Ammo to Stockpile for SHTF” video:

“Dynamic Firearm Drills” video:

Link to Amazon to buy the book “Book on Home Remedies”:

Website detailing the seven most common antibiotics:

Website detailing which fish antibiotics match to human antibiotics and dosages:

Canadian Prepper’s You Tube channel:

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I am an affiliate of USCCA.
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