How to Start a Prepper Food Pantry

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A prepper food pantry is where food is kept
for emergency purposes.

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These emergency situations could be floods,
hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, tsunamis,

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storms, pandemics, and so on.

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Therefore, knowing how to start a food pantry
as a prepper will make sure you and your family

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have enough food to last through any emergency
situation until things return to normalcy.

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The following are suggestions from doomsday
preppers from around the world, suggesting

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the best ways to build up your food pantry
as a prepper.

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Without further ado, these are things you
need to put in mind as a prepper when starting

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your food pantry.

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First of all, store foods you’re familiar

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In the face of disaster, the best consolation
you could give yourself is to eat what you

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are already familiar with.

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You don’t want to eat just anything.

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You also don’t want to eat foods that’ll
upset your body system, making you throw up

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all over the place.

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Therefore, you want to stock food items that
you love.

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There are a lot of prepper food ideas from
top preppers themselves which you’ll most

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definitely love.

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Secondly, choose non-perishable food items.

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Eggs, flour, rice, beans, pasta, dehydrated
fruits, etc, are non-perishable foods that

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have a long shelf life.

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These foods should be a part of your survival
pantry food list.

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Moreover, you can buy some of these in bulk
to save money since their prices could potentially

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spike during emergencies.

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That’s if you have the opportunity to get
them at all.

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Thirdly, choose nutritional foods.

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You don’t want to fill your store with junk
and other unhealthy foods.

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You need something that will give you energy,
strength, and keep you healthy.

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Therefore, opt for foods that are rich in
protein, vitamins, minerals, and so on.

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Some of the best prepper food ideas are beans,
nuts, rice, corn, eggs, amongst others.

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You don’t have to buy them all at once; it
should be a gradual process to ensure you

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do not buy things you don’t need.

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And a good prepper practice is always to use
previously purchased food items first and

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replace them with new ones.

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Now that you are familiar with how to start
a prepper food pantry and what to start with,

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let’s talk about how to preserve your food
items in your pantry.

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Most certainly, you don’t want your food items
to turn bad in days or weeks after you’ve

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purchased them.

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If that’s the case with you, you want to
make sure you follow the following food preservation

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There are foods that can stay fresh for months
when stored in air-tight cans.

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These could be meat, jams, fermented vegetables,

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Therefore, you don’t necessarily need to store
every food in a refrigerator.

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If you can’t do this process yourself, you
can choose to purchase canned food items at

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the grocery shop when buying food items from
your food pantry.

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Taking out the liquid in certain foods including
meat, fruits, beef, pork, etc. and letting

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them dry up is also a good way to preserving

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Ancient technique involves sun-drying these
food items.

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However, with the help of modern technologies,
a dehydrator can serve the same purpose.



Your meat, fish, and vegetable can be preserved
using this technique.

In this process salt is used to draw moisture
from the food item.

This helps to preserve it for a very long



Fermentation is used in the production of
certain foods.

Some of these are sauerkraut and pickles.

You can also choose to ferment the food items
you deem fit.

Now, that’s how to stock a pantry on just
about any budget and still ensure you’ve got

the right foods in place.

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