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In a street fight, many things can go terribly wrong. If someone is aggressive towards you and decides to hit you, there are chances that you might get injured. Even worse, if your attacker has friends or uses a weapon against you it can be frightening.

This is why you should avoid fighting at all costs. However, if you feel the fight cannot be defused and that your life might be in danger, you’ll need to take a quick decision whether you strike first or not.

That said, if you decide to hit pre-emptively, a great option is the palm strike. That specific strike can have a devastating effect on your attacker. It so powerful that it can be a fight finishing strike.

However, since you don’t know the pain tolerance of your attacker, it’s recommended to continue on with your strikes until the threat is completely over.

When it comes to self defense, it’s good to practice several striking options from varied positions. It’s always useful to be versatile and to have many different strikes for different situations… And the palm strike is certainly a top strike.

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