How to Fight with One Arm [Self Defense Tips]

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If you’re in a dangerous situation where you only have one arm because your other arm is broken or incapacitated, and you need to fight back, then there are a few self defense techniques you should know about.

The first thing you want to do is bring the arm that is incapacitated back so you’re working arm is forward and facing your opponent.

Keep your good arm stretched out in front of you towards your opponent so that you can create distance between you and your opponent. You will have better control and be able to better fight off your attacker by keeping your incapacitated arm out of the way.

It’s important that you keep your good arm always up so that you can easily fight off your assailant. By keeping your working arm up, you’re alert and aware of your opponent’s movements. Your hand is always leading.

Don’t be afraid to also use your legs to kick if you need to. You may only have one arm that’s good, but you still have your legs so you shouldn’t hesitate to use them to defend yourself.

Practice these self-defense moves with your partner so you can further develop your technique and timing.

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How to Fight with One Arm [Self Defense Tips]

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