How to Do Tiger & Crane Self-Defense | Shaolin Kung Fu

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Hi. I’m Sifu Romaine here to teach you the tiger and crane self-defense techniques. First we’ll look at the crane techniques. To look at the crane techniques we have to understand that the crane is an evasive, quick moving animal. To form a crane’s beak, you bring all the fingertips together. We can use the wrist to block or to hook. We can use it to block this way or to hook this way and then poking with the fingers to the eyes or other soft, vulnerable areas. Let’s begin with the first technique.

Blocking inside, Mr. Robinson goes to the outside and pokes him in the eye. Let’s look at it again. This time, Ty will attack him with two hands. And again. One and two. This time Mr. Robinson will follow with a crane link block and a kick. Now let’s take a look and see what happens if he blocks the kick.

Now we’ll take a look at some of the tiger techniques. First we have to understand the tiger claw. The tiger claw is a five finger claw, fingers bent. We can use the palm heel as well as the fingertips to not only claw and rake but also to get into vulnerable areas. We begin with a single punch. Mr. Robinson blocks, grabs, and tears. Now he’s going to follow that technique with another tiger claw using a palm strike. Begin.

This concludes our demonstration of tiger and crane techniques.

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