How To Build A Concealed Wilderness Fire

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In this video I’m going to show you how to build a concealed wilderness fire.

Called the dakota fire pit for several reasons.

One, it’s great if you’re being tracked and you need keep a low profile.

The last thing you need in that case is a roaring fire. I’ll show you how to be practically untraceable from the moment you start digging to the moment you fill it in and carry on your way.

Secondly, it’s great for prolonged survival situations where calorie expenditure is a concern.

You can build these right in your shelter, and they require minimal fuel. Meaning a handful of twigs and sticks can get this thing going very well.

Third, it’s a great fire pit for cooking and boiling since it burns so hot.

Ready to learn how to build a concealed wilderness fire?

You want to learn how to build a firepit.

Plus, you can use this for a camping, backpacking or even hiking.

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Alan Kay persevered through a 56 day survival situation, largely thanks to this fire.

It came down to himself, and a fit, 22 year old.

He’s lucky he learned how to build a firepit.

It was safe enough to burn right in his shelter.

And efficient enough to only need small twigs and sticks to keep burning.

Saving him from having to expend energy by chopping down trees, and lugging in material.

Here’s what you’re going to learn in the video.

First off you need to find an ideal location to build

If you’re being tracked, and your survival hinges on not being detected.

You need to build this fire in an ideal location.

Next up you’ll learn a way to deconstruct your fire so nobody will know you were there.

The key element to getting out of dodge quickly.

You’ll see towards the end of this survival guide how it can quickly help you cover your tracks.

Next you’ll learn how to properly position your holes, and how to dig them out while being discreet.

Quick survival tip for when SHTF…

You never know where you’re going to need to set up camp in a survival situation and build your survival shelter. So always keep picking things up as you go.

Also be conscious of roots when setting up this survival fire.

Based on where you’re setting up…

You most likely have a lot roots going through this as you build a firepit.

You’ll also want to keep in mind to cut underneath your roots as you go.

After you’re done this step, you’ll be ready to start building your fire hole.

A key component in the dakota fire pit.

If your shovel is too big, begin using a stick.

You’ll eventually be connecting both the vent hole and fire hole. So the goal here is to keep digging until you get under the roots.

Once you’ve done that, start tunneling to connect the two holes.

Your main goal here is to maintain the integrity of the bridge between the two holes. If it’s sandy, it may be difficult.

If it DOES happen to collapse on you.

Don’t worry.

You’ll learn how to fix that in the video.

Make a new bridge out of sticks, and pack dirt down on it.

Next up you’ll want to begin bundling your tinder so you can strike your fire in as little as one hit.

You’ll want material like brooms edge, dog fennel and bow thistle.

Of course, it’s ideal if you have a ferro rod. But if not, that’s fine.

Using the bundle I’ve shown you, you can strike and be able to start a fire easily, every time.

Once your bundle is alight, quickly position it over the fire pit.

Hold it over your fire pit to let the flames catch your tinder bundle.

Now, one of the things I love about this fire is how easy it is to keep going.

Just a small handful of twigs and sticks as pictured above is more than enough.

Due to the fact the fire is in a pit, it forces a lot of heat to come up in a focused area.

Which is great for boiling water or cooking meat quickly.

If you’re on the move, this is a great time to purify extra water you’ve gotten from a creek or lake.

Once you’re done and ready to get back on the move.

You’ll be undetectable to even the best trackers on the planet.

And that’s how to build a concealed wilderness fire.

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