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So we’re going to speak about how to attack an assailant’s neck. So we can either punch, we can hurt with a hump [sounds like], we can grab the neck.

I’m going to explain to you what type of situation we can use this type of move. So, I’m going to face her. As you can see, as I grab her, I lift all my body. So she can easily grab my neck, very important. As soon as she grabs me, she can use these fingers to press against her body. So do it. Exactly, do it again. Do it again. Okay. As you see, it’s a nice, little motion where you move the person toward yourself. It’s very easy. You barely use the rest of the hand, you just need to use these fingers. It’s very nice because you can actually move the person to one side or to the other. So you can move her and you can use an elbow, you can move to the other side, you can use the other elbow. Or you can even head butt that person. That’s regarding how to grab.

But then you can also punch the person. You can punch, you can punch in the neck, punch with the other one. Exactly. In a real situation, it would be more like this, boom. Very nice and quick, boom. Punch. That’s it. Okay. And normally you would use the side of the neck. As you can see, right here, if you press in this little spot, that’s how she reacts. You can punch that area, and that’s how she would move, to the side. You can use that in combination to an elbow, you can kick, whatever you want to do. But keep in mind that this is a transition move, Okay? So you would move the person to one side to hit with the other.

And that is how you attack an assailant’s neck.

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