Homestead vs. Prepper-Starving with Storage Full of Food

Homesteading is not just about farming and livestock, we always Prep… it’s also about preserving food for medium term & long term storage. Why? Well, for many years farmers & Homesteaders have been canning and dehydrating food for ‘Bad times.” What are bad times? Tornado, Hurricane, Earthquakes, Drought, Floods, Blizzards, electricity goes out because a tree falls on the power line, water main busted and everyone goes on boil alert and even crop or animal disease.

Not to long ago, the United States was hit with Bird Flu and millions of chickens and turkeys were killed to stop the disease. All of those eggs were also destroyed. At the same time the United States had a pork disease and millions of pigs were killed sending Pork prices through the roof. Chicken and Egg Prices were as high as I had ever seen them in my lifetime. California went through drought because a tiny fish in the irrigation channel needed to be saved by politicians so crops were not priority and crop prices were expensive and farmers lost their harvest. Even restaurants could not serve avocado or guacamole due to harvest problems. Today, the California crop growing area is on fire and people have lost there homes and the price on crops has not been reflected yet to us…but its coming.

I remember bad coffee bean harvest in Columbia that caused coffee prices to almost double. Now, we have had Florida devastated by Hurricanes and fruit crops like oranges and grapefruits were destroyed. More prices going up.

Prepping is even more vital. This is the best thing I like about Preppers…they store for emergencies SHTF. So, my question is simple. You stored it, do you know how to cook with it? Can you even make a loaf of bread outside on a camp fire? (Bread is just one example) If not, you need to learn a new skill set. Why have a ton of stored food if you can’t cook. The irony of starving to death with a ton of food. Do you have a grinding meal? Do you have a Dutch Oven for campfire cooking? What about a spit for game like boar or deer?

Also, do you even have a recipe for bread. Do you open a 25 lb. bag of flour in a 5 gallon bucket & 5 gallon mylar bag with no way to reseal it, because you need 3 cups of flour for bread. I am not crazy about 5 gallon mylar bags. I use quart size bags with 4 cups of flour in each. Why four, well 3 for a loaf of bread & 1 for gravy or frying chicken or for making sure that the bread dough does not stick. Same with a 5 gallon bag of Rice or Beans, use quart size bags. When making rice, you only use a small amount of rice per water ratio. Do you know what the ratio is? Then why open a big bag that can’t be sealed id SHTF and you have no way to reseal.

Just my thoughts on Bread…then, make sure you know how to cook with dry foods. Make your own MRE’s instead of buying a bucket for 3 times what it would cost to make. Life is more than Ramen Noodles & MRE’s. Know how to cook and practice cooking outside on more than a BBQ pit. Use a Fire-Pit, Rocket Stove, Camp Fire or something more but learn a cooking meal skill set. Do not depend on someone else cooking. Don’t starve while food is in storage.

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