Grow a Survival Garden ANYWHERE With This…

In this video you’ll learn how to use old FREE tires for gardening!

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Tire Gardening

First off, most tire shops pay to get rid of used tires. So simply ask them if you can have some of their free tires.

When loading up your tires. You don’t need to use only soil.

Throw in dead leaves and material in there. Just trying to take up space.

I am a compost maniac, and I’m always looking for a way I can turn things into compost, and recycle it, and feed my plants.

What you don’t want though, is you don’t want real thick, or heavy soil inside of the gardens.
A good mix is a little bit of greens, and a little bit of browns. Meaning you have good nitrogen and carbon.

You wanna make sure that you pack it in around the edges, because when you water it it’s gonna wanna sink some, and it’s good to make sure it’s going into the sidewalls. And you see, so much had sunk down now. I’ve gotta put some more soil on top yet again.

You don’t wanna buy the cheapest potting soil necessarily, because it’s often just wood chips and sand,

You don’t have to make it look perfect. The plants don’t care.

Then I’ll begin sticking my plants in.

Hot peppers.
talinum fruticosum

That’ll be a typical tire garden with those items in it.

Now, if I’m gonna grow something that has deeper roots, I might take a tire, and then stick another tire on top of it like that. And then, you’ve got a ton of space going down on the inside.

And the last thing I wanna say on tires, I did a tire gardening demonstration about a year ago on my YouTube channel, and then I set it to my newsletter. And somebody wrote me back and said, “This is terrible. You should have looked up how toxic and dangerous tires are,” and all that kind of thing, and she kind of chewed me out for it, and I said, “Well, I’m sorry. I have heard that there’s some danger with leaching. There could be this, or there could be that.” So, I looked it up, and I wrote an article on it. It was like a 900 …

I think it was called Are Tire Gardens Toxic? And so, I wrote this article where I considered the pros and cons of tire gardening. There are a lot of pros to it in that you can just set up a garden right away, even if …

There are some toxic things that are used in the manufacturing of tires, and that are possibly contained in the tires, but they, from my reading, generally that is bound up, and the tires are inert.

The materials that are in them … Tires don’t break down easily at all, so that stuff doesn’t come out very easily into your gardens, but there is a possibility that some material is leaking out. I had some people and say that they had no problem with tires, that the entire world is toxic.

There’s always a little bit of chemicals in everything. And honestly, there’s chemtrails up above, and there’s things getting sprayed in your neighbour’s yard, and that it’s probably more toxic to eat a hotdog. Well, it’s almost certainly true. And then, other people we’re saying, “Yeah, I just don’t wanna put any more toxicity into my garden.”

It’s not something I really want to make a staple of my gardening, but in the situation where I am right now, where we’re borrowing a lot, and we’ve got this slab of concrete to garden on top of, I could put some vegetables in right away, and I’m gonna grow them organically other than the fact that they’re inside of a tire.

Growing in compost, they’re growing with good additives. I’m not gonna be spraying them with anything, so I’m not really all that worried about it. When I get my own property later on

There you go. That’s how to do tire garden, and that’s why you might want to, and why you might not want to, but that is a really easy garden right there. It’s kind of hard to turn down.

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