EXCLUSIVE: Clark County Mom says Missing Daughter Could Survive Outdoors

SPRINGFIELD — As the hours pass without her daughter, Tammy Bruce knows this situation is completely out of her hands. She has no choice but to plead with Mark and Michaela to end this search themselves.Mark if you see this and Michaela if you see this, I love you and I need you home. I miss you you’re my baby. Mark you’re ruining your life you have children of your own you’re breaking their hearts, she said. I’m asking you as a mother, to you as a father, please bring my baby home.By now they could be hiding out anywhere from an abandoned home to the woods. Tammy says Mark is an avid outdoorsman who loves to hunt. She believes the two would actually survive out in this cold.He loves the outdoors, she said. He would prefer to be outdoors. Michaela loves the outdoors. She loves to fish; She loves a swim.Tammy says Michaela has been begging her to dye her hair and thinks she may have done so as a disguise.I have a feeling maybe she had changed her hair color possibly to a dark black brown or black and she would look totally different.Tammy says if she could go back in time she would never have let Michaela get her cell phone and laptop back, but she received bad advice.The counselor said that I need to back off and let her have some freedom, she said. They felt she was getting better but she was a master at manipulating us all.Now she’s nowhere to be found.I just want her back home I miss her not coming in at night and kissing me and telling me that she loves me or when she lays in bed and we would just cuddle, said Tammy.While we were speaking with Tammy she got a phone call from the Sheriff asking if she was willing to go on CNN to talk about this case. She said yes, so she will be on Nancy Grace Thursday night as this story goes national.

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