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Easy Ways To Start Prepping Getting ready for an emergency, or for SHTF? Easy Guide Start Prepping Now Berkey Water Filter http://amzn.to/2fsNapZ Prepping with no money If you’re new to being a prepper, what should you do first? You need to know how to start prepping, and there are a lot of simple, easy steps, tips, and tricks to help you get started with emergency survival. Start with basics, make a plan, gather necessary supplies and gear, and get organized. Decide what emergencies are most likely to occur to your family, your location, stock up, and save cash for emergency funds.
Prepping is a way of life. Prepping for emergencies means you are able to take care of rself and your family, no matter what; loss of job, natural disaster, SHTF, power outage, and more. Follow easy steps for a well stocked Preppers Pantry!


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