9 MUST-HAVE Gardening Tools For Off-The-Grid

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In this video you’ll learn the 9 best human powered gardening tools… perfect for survival and off-the-grid situations!


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9 Human Powered Gardening Tools

Today I’m gonna share with you my top nine human powered gardening tools. Number one, the shovel. All right, a shovel is a no-brainer. Everybody knows about shovels. You can dig holes to plant fruit trees with it, you can dig a garden bed with it, you can shovel manure, and you can kill zombies. Shovel is the first one I would get.

Number two, a spading fork. Now this isn’t a manure fork, or a pitchfork, this is one that has hard tines on it. Usually it’s four hard tines, and you dig it into the ground and you work the ground. If you’re gonna double dig garden beds, or turn over the ground and you’re not using a tiller, a spading fork is what you would use.

Number three, the hoe. Now, I’m just talking about your regular boring old garden hoe, the thing that is rusting in the corner of your dad’s shed. That is a fantastic weeding tool, the problem is, most of us don’t really know what to do with it.

My next tool is the scuffle hoe, also known as the hula hoe. This is a oscillating hoe, it has a blade that rocks back and forth in the ground. If you have looser soil, this thing is a weeding machine. It cuts both ways. It will change your hoeing forever. It’s a really good tool and the modern ones are just fine.

Number five is yet another hoe. That’s a digging hoe, also known as a grub hoe. I have different varieties of this, I have a triangular shaped one, I have a long one, and then I have one that’s called a grape hoe, but I use all of them like digging holes. This is what you’ll see me digging pumpkin holes, where they’re digging yam beds, or digging root beds. Because you’re swinging the sucker, and you’re digging with it, and it’s easier than taking a shovel and jamming that shovel into the ground, and twisting it. I find a lot easier to use this heavier hoe head.

Number six, if you have a large garden, here’s yet another hoe. It’s called a wheel hoe. It is about five times as fast for weeding. It weeds almost as fast as you can walk. Fantastic tool for any kind of survival gardening situation.

Tool number eight. The wheelbarrow. A wheelbarrow allows you to move amendments around. You can load it up with soil, your potting soil, manure. Whatever you’re gonna spread around the garden that wheelbarrow helps you get stuff around, and it allows you to move a lot more than you can by just holding sacks or buckets, or whatever else. Wheelbarrow is a really good tool. It’s the reason that I tend to make my garden paths at least two to three foot wide, and that’s so I can move through easily.

Number nine, is one that I discovered a few years ago, and I would just simply not go without now, and that is a broadfork. I use the Meadow Creature broadfork because it’s the unbreakable one. There are other broadforks in the world, and most of them have wooden handles or the tines are a little weaker. The Meadow Creature, I can’t break it. I have pried out boulders with it, I have snapped tree roots with it. You slam that sucker into the ground, you rock it back and forth, and you break the ground. Once you have one, you will never go back. It is the most fantastic tool, and every time I demonstrate and people try, I feel like, how come I don’t have it.

I’m not a big fan of new tools, and I’m not a fan of gimmicky tools. I’ve gotten sucked in by tools that looked like they were something awesome before. So there are your nine top human power tools that will get you through the apocalypse. Or at least through gardening without filling the air with carbon dioxide and smoke.

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